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Raised in Southfield, MI, I was always taught from a young age to embrace my creative side. In my early grade school days, I spent most of my time after school programming games on my Atari 520ST, drawing and animating sprites, and one day hoping I would be able to create stories for the world to enjoy.

By late high school I realized that I was always more a storyteller, and programming was just a means to an end that I really didn't care for. Still, I completed my AAS in CIS, focusing on Web Design, and later in life I moved to Arizona to complete my BS in Media Arts and Animation, and eventually my Masters in Creative Writing.

With all of this experience now under my belt, I have embarked on a new quest to truly tell all the stories I've had bundled in my brain for over a decade, whether through comics, animation or my preferred method - novels.

Outside of my creative fields, in my spare time I create music, and play all manner of video games. Though I focus a lot on retro gaming on my Youtube Channel, I also play fighting games semi-competitively and try to travel for tournaments whenever possible!





I'm on Social Media quite a bit, particularly Twitter.

Feel free to contact me on either platform, though I respond much faster to Twitter.

No, I'm not a Twitter addict. Not at all. Nope.