September 19th, 2016  

Welcome to my creative space on the internet! This side of the site is my informal page, where my writing, artwork, music, and social media all connect. For those looking for a quick sample of my graphic design work, I've actually created a new page on the site:


This is something I've had on my agenda for a while, and I finally broke down and got it done this week... basically, you can skip all the other madness and see exactly what my best work and my current focus is. Right now, that would be UI design, Graphic Design and Stream Layouts.

For those looking for new Illustration work from me: I'll be back into illustration once again at the end of the year! Right now, I'm finishing up as many commissions as I can before October hits, and I'm swallowed into the vortex known as Nanowrimo... because I absolutely plan on finishing another novel this year! (Side note: Bug Book 1 is currently being edited! Almost ready for publishing!)

Anyways as always, check this page for any updates or info on the site. Thank you for visiting!


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